About Us

The aim of Prism School of Music is to develop musicians from the core. We believe in making our students realize the importance of their journey with music. The mental well-being of the students is always kept in mind while designing the courses in a rewarding and enriching manner. "Not just grades, most importantly growth," is what our institution has always focused on.

We are not just creating a brand at PSOM, but a place where we can all develop together. Students and teachers are constantly learning and growing, through creative means and education that helps them all through their lives. Learning has no limits and that truly reflects in how our 100-150 students continuously engage in learning at home, in groups, individually etc.

Our ideals include helping children express themselves through music. Our teachers have been known to guide the trainees such that they always end up graduating satisfied. We teach music in a way that tries to improve our students' personalities as well as helps them in their goals like studies, work and bigger ambitions. Their holistic growth is our ultimate goal, so that music does not stay limited to classrooms and instruments.